Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Drain the blood

Well I certainly miss hanging out with other human beings. 

Here's some punk rock to get you groovin' in this post-shutdown life we're living. Fun ass tunes courtesy of some real nice musician folk, including (but not limited to!) Blanks 77, The Distillers, The Damned, and Satanic Surfers. Ft. a couple new ones from old pros, Snuff and Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun)

So, what are you waiting for? I know you have LITERALLY nothing else you could be doing instead. Go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the web player for all you familiars


  • 1Pizzaman by Uncommonmenfrommars
  • 2Armless skater by Satanic Surfers
  • 3New Rose by The Damned
  • 4Conductor 71 by Snuff
  • 5Make me whole by Jeff Pezzati
  • 6Drain the blood by The Distillers
  • 7Dirty old town by The Pogues
  • 8No Waves by FIDLAR
  • 9Chelsea Girls by Blanks 77
  • 10Enter the ninja by Die Antwoord

Happy 4 months of (sober) living, Tua, ya little dino

Alright that's it for this week, catch you doobie bros and femmes fatales later

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Take three pills...

Happy Wednesday, sickos, and welcome to the latest Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock.

 I have cooked up a dynamite playlist to cure you of your zombie virus blues...ft. Swingin' Utters, NOFX, Latterman, Wire, Propagandhi, Death by Stereo, and more...go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the web player for all you infected brainos


  • 1American Dream by Humble Gods
  • 2Doom! Doom! Doom! by Latterman
  • 3Three Girl Rhumba by Wire
  • 4Sow the seeds by Death by Stereo
  • 5I love you more than I hate me by NOFX
  • 6Rock for Sustainable Capitalism by Propagandhi
  • 7Skatin' USA by The Pee Circles
  • 8Fifteenth and T by Swingin' Utters
  • 9Verbal Kint by Link 80
  • 10California's Burning by Smoke or Fire
  • 11Gateway by Bongzilla

Cheer yourself up w/ this inspiring music video for NOFX's latest song, I love you more than I hate me

If you dug that tune, Skatin' USA, and ya know what, EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T, go check out The Pee Circles. They rock.

Don't be like Arnold Ernst Toht, wash your hands.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

baby shart

I'mmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! Thought you could get away from this weekly panic attack of punk rock? 

I think not.

Strap in for some heady punk (and punkish!) tunes as I dish out the first WWA playlist of 2020. 

Featuring scary good tunes from bands like The Stooges, PEARS, Direct Hit!, 1208, Guttermouth and more. Go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the streaming link for all you shart babies


  • 1Lock Down by Guttermouth
  • 2Down on the street by The Stooges
  • 3Next big thing by 1208
  • 4Killing Me by PEARS
  • 5Blood on your tongue by Direct Hit!
  • 6Jock O Rama by Dead Kennedys
  • 7Innocent by Huntingtons
  • 8Worms by Viagra Boys
  • 9Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

If you dug that PEARS track, check out their latest full length release

Come rock out to my new band, Dave Eats Mud, as we share the stage with punk rock veterans the Huntingtons, Saturday March 28 @ Velvet Lounge!

Hope to see all you (DC area folks) at Dead Kennedys tonight! 

That's it, catch ya later

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Here's to us

Well 2019 has certainly been one for the history books, eh? 

This is the LAST episode of Wednesdays With Andrew this year, and may well be the last for the foreseeable future as I adjust to life in my new role as deadbeat dad. I will try to cut episodes here and there when I can, but I will literally have my hands full of poop.

To kiss 2019's ass goodbye, we get treated to some fantastic punk (and punkish, of course) rock tunes courtesy of bands like The Bouncing Souls, Twin Peaks, Good Riddance, Sex Pistols, Ignite and a whole lot more.

So, pour yourself some leftover eggnog from 2009, and listen NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for all ya Lamar Vanoys


  • 1Restraints by Fury 66
  • 2Who we are by Good Riddance
  • 3Butterfly by Twin Peaks
  • 4Obey the cowgod by Green Jelly
  • 5Anarchy in the U.K. by Sex Pistols
  • 6Faraway by Ignite
  • 7Lamar Vanoy by The Bouncing Souls
  • 8Here's to us by The Bouncing Souls
  • 9Fazil's Friend by Millencolin
  • 10Astronaut by G. Love & Special Sauce
Here are the brews I was making during the recording of our weekly podcast. "Big curls don't dry" cider and "I ate nothing but taco bell for a week straight" (poo) brown ale.

Come to the Souls' show tonight!  Also featuring other heavy hitters like Strike Anywhere and The Bronx. Filmore Silver Spring - tickets still available

Alas, this year I have elected not to do the obligatory Xmas playlist. But most of those songs are kinda stupid anyway, so yeah. 

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Have a good holiday, kiddos, now go get weird.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Missing persons

Alright let's get right to it, shall we??

This week has some real heaters from both classic and new-to-the-scene bands, including The Casualties, Asylums, Operation Ivy, Men at Work, Ten Foot Pole, The Soaks, Scream and so much more.


Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for all ya swashbucklers


  • 1Fade Away by Ten Foot Pole
  • 2Missing Persons by Asylums
  • 3Heatseeker by Valient Thorr
  • 4Die for the government (live) by Anti-Flag
  • 5we're gonna get you high by The Soaks
  • 6Freeze Up by Operation Ivy
  • 7Fight/american Justice by Scream
  • 8who can it be now? by Men at Work
  • 9No rules by The Casualties
  • 10Strawberry mansion by The Menzingers
  • 11Egg man by Beastie Boys
check out these goofballs:

I'd link to where ya could buy tickets for tonight's Culture Abuse/The Menzingers show, but I do believe indeedy that this has been sold out. If you're planning on going to the show, look out for your pal Wednesdays With Andrew! I'll be totally naked except for one eyepatch cos i have pink eye.

If you haven't checked out Ten Foot Pole's latest, Escalating Quickly, do it now!

Alright I'm out, peaf

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Obligatory revisionist historical telling of a harvest celebration playlist

Hey guys, today is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so on this week's episode I totally poop on all your holiday cheer.

But I also give you a free business idea! You can makes 10s of dollars!

Featuring music from punk (and punkish!) stalwarts like Real Sickies, Kid Dynamite, Suicidal Tendencies, The Kills and more, this episode promises to get you through all of your Aunt Kathy's Breitbart conspiracy theories during thanksgiving dinner. So, uhh, go listen NOW yeah???

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for all you turkeys


  • 1Cyco Vision by Suicidal Tendencies
  • 2Am I Missing Something by Discount
  • 3Impossible Tracks by The Kills
  • 4Peace With Nothing by New Mexican Disaster Squad
  • 5Cursed Luck by Ducking Punches
  • 6It came from above by Real Sickies
  • 7I'm a Man by Ty Segall
  • 8According to my notes by LaGrecia
  • 93 O'Clock by Kid Dynamite
  • 10Ghetto Supastar by Pras, Ol' Dirty Bastard

I am thankful for KID DYNAMITE

Yo if you liked that Real Sickies song, go give them a more complete whirl on their Bandcamp page

Trust me, this is worth it.

Enjoy your turkey, your family and friends, your self-reflection. But don't enjoy the corn and oyster dish everyone knows that's bullshit.


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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Pour la gloire

Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! こんにちは! Alright, now tgat we got the fucking McDonalds cup greetings outta the way...

welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock. 

This week features some real sonic fireballs, including bangers from The Queers, Strike Anywhere, Bouncing Souls, White Reaper, Sham 69 and more....sooo what are you waiting for?! Go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for all you ding dong danngy dungs


  • 1Pour la gloire by Camera Silens
  • 2The Swell by Protected Left
  • 3Hurry Up Harry by Sham 69
  • 4All I hear is static by The Lillingtons
  • 5Lifetime by The Bouncing Souls
  • 6Real Long Time by White Reaper
  • 7Instinct by Strike Anywhere
  • 8Ursula finally has tits by The Queers
  • 9The Invisible Man by The Vindictives
  • 10We are one by Buckethead ft Serj Tankian
Post image

If you guys liked that Protected Left song, or you just really dig cool album art, you should go check out their latest EP, Fossil. 

Oh hey Bouncing Souls will be gracing our nation's stupid capital in December. They'll be swinging through the Filmore Silver Spring on December 18th (a Wednesday, a great night in the week for punk!) w/ their pals The Bronx, Off With Their Heads and Bar Stool Preachers. Come hang and dance with me, get tickets here.

Alright, I'm out. For all my fellow francophiles: remember to portez-vous bien, mais comportez-vous mal!

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