Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Why Can't I Touch It?

Welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, voted best niche non-major music market DIY online radio show 2 years running by, uh, some people.

I am back from the Dominican Republic in one piece (barely), and was able to cobble together some tunes for your listening pleasure. This week's episode includes rippin' tunes from incredible musical acts like PEARS, Buzzcocks, Strung Out, Wire, Ten Foot Pole and much more.

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And, of course, LISTEN NOW:

Liner notes:

  • 1Tatoo (I Don't Wanna Hear About It) by Uncommonmenfrommars
  • 2My Wall by Ten Foot Pole
  • 3Why I can't I touch it? by Buzzcocks
  • 4Paperwalls by Strung Out
  • 5Fight by Dirty Heretics
  • 6Pablo Picasso by The Modern Lovers
  • 7Green Star by PEARS
  • 8Ex-lion tamer by Wire
  • 9Bad Feeling by Cobra Man
10 points to Hufflepuff if you know why I threw this gif in here:

Go listen to the latest single from Dirty Heretics, Hey Kevin. Send all feedback, along with your dirtiest, darkest desires, to

Check out the album Toxic Planet by Cobra Man, it's a whole lot of fun and you will not be disappointed. 

Oh, by the way, I got a makeover in Dominican Republic:

That's it, see ya next week folks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Dom

Happy Wednesday boys and girls, and welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your digital 7-11 (fuck your trademark) for all things punk (and punkish!) rock. 

This week I am in the Dominican Republic, checking out the corals, exploring the jungle, taking in some beach, drinking mama juanas (whatever the hell that is), and generally enjoying time away from the ole district. But don't fret, I have a pre-recorded and pre-scheduled episode fresh(ish) off the press! Hopefully global internet doesn't go down between Saturday and Wednesday; if not, you should be receiving this transmission just fine.

Featuring magnificent tunes from the likes of Guttermouth, Fear, Nas, Kid Dynamite, Slothrust, Dillinger Four and more....go listen, mamma juana, NOW:

Liner notes:


  • 1End on 9 by Guttermouth
  • 2Noble Stabbings! by Dillinger Four
  • 3More beer by Fear
  • 4Fever Doggs by Slothrust
  • 5Rise Above by Kid Dynamite
  • 6My Right by Screeching Weasel
  • 7Religious Wars by Subhumans
  • 8The World is Yours by Nas
  • 6Goin' against your mind by Built to Spill

Here's where you can listen to Slothrust's new album, The Pact, in its entirety. 

Talk at you folks next week, peace!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Saved by Rock n Roll

GUYS so so so so so so so sorry....this week I did NOT have time to curate your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock

My sincerest apologies and enjoy some photoshop gold and Velvet Underground in my absence!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hot off the press

New songs, old art.

Welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock.

Today's playlist features nothing but the freshest tunes, released in August, from some incredible bands. While we feature only brand spankin' new tracks, today's episode art is a throwback to the retro #WWA style...thanks for your minutes of tireless effort there, B-Side!

Get a taste of some recently-released new material from bands like Swingin' Utters, The Frights, Night Birds, Slothrust, IDLES and more, NOW:

Liner notes:

On today's episode, all the bands we feature are making music great again

For those who rocked today's episode, we salute you. Go support all these artists for the tireless work they do to bring joy to our ear holes:

edit - I fudged and said this album was released last week (it's still in pre-release) The Pact isn't publicly available until Sept 14, but you can still listen to some tracks off the forthcoming album! And trust me it's gonna be worth the extra week and change wait to listen to the whole thing.

For anyone who has not yet seen the demon Mr Bubz video, you're welcome:

Aright that's a lot of new music for my brain, time for a nap. Tune in next week for more punk (and punkish!) rock

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