Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Song Circle with Jamie!


Welcome to your incredibly inconsistent and infrequent overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock - Wednesdays With Andrew dropping a new episode in NEARLY TWO YEARS. Was it worth the wait? Click below, listen along, and then you tell me.

Special guest this week is an above-averaged-looking, salt-and-pepper haired man with his own particular brand of hot takes; ole "Jim Rat" Jamie.

Here's the web player link....and here's the Spotify playlist link, if you truly cannot stand listening to me and Jamie talk between tunes.


  • 1Where are all the old man bars by Youth Brigade
  • 2Shhhh! Golf is on by Hot Mulligan
  • 3Horror Business by Misfits
  • 4Try by The Menzingers
  • 5ANTHEM PART 3 by blink-182
  • 6Hypa Hypa by Electric Callboy
  • 7Don't skate on my ramp by Satanic Surfers
  • 8Between our teeth by The Flatliners
  • 9Castle in the sky by Classics of Love
  • 10SSX Trickmont by Belmont
  • 11Nudge by FIDLAR
  • 12Powerslide by Drunk Mums

A little kid-friendly, post-podcast jam session ft. Andrew + Jamie..

(fuzzy photo credit to Jamie's 7 year old kid)

editor's note - before I played 'Horror Business,' I said I'd only ever do Danzig-era Misfits....then when i looked at the LITERALLY LAST episode, looks I played 'Helena'...which, for you, discerning listener, is of course sung by Michale Graves. so, tldr, I'm full of shit. 

Andrew's "weekly" dumb fact you never wanted to fucking know......your fingernails grow faster on your dominant hand.