Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Live Fast, Diarrhea

alright guys only took me about 14 months for this shit, so i hope the 47 minutes and change of punk rock and rambling is worth it for you all.

Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock, is back from semi-retirement. let's get fucking weird with it, you dirty dirty dawgs.

Liner notes:

Here's the web player link for you iframe-phobes


  • 1Take it back by The Vandals
  • 2I have a date by Simpletones
  • 3UNDERWATER BOI by Turnstile
  • 4Helena by Misfits
  • 5Magic Word by Fucked Up
  • 6The Big Drag by NOFX
  • 7Fear and loathing on Long Island by Latterman
  • 8Girls don't like it by The Undertones
  • 9Narcissus by Napalm Death
  • 10System Deceptive by TheLINE
  • 11South Side by Moby

Stay safe and healthy out there, comradarinos. And keep supporting music. If you don't feel comfortable going to live shows, buy some shirts from your favorite artists. If you don't feel comfortable wearing clothes, buy some stickers or buttons. If you don't feel comfortable "owning" material goods, just send the band some fucking venmobucks or whatever, ok

DID YOU KNOW.....more than a quarter of all your bones are located in your feet? 


editor's note - my lawyers have advised me to apologize for my remarks above, as they are construed as being insensitive to feetless or partially feetless people. Soooo, sorry.