Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Howdy Wednesday wranglers...welcome to another bonafide, rollickin' half hour with your 3rd favorite sub market blog personality. This week on Wednesdays With Andrew we feature some real hitmakers, including some ditties from Bad Religion, Bass Drum of Death, Nana Grizol, AWOLNATION, Swingin' Utters and more. Turn on your Russian microwave, open up your favorite purveyor of fake news, and enjoy the playlist.

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Wow, has Bad Religion really been around since 1982? Yikes we're getting old. Fuck Armageddon... is off Mr. Brett and friends' 1st full length record How Could Hell Be Any WorseThis album marks the genesis of the now-ubiquitous Epitaph label, which Brett used at the time as a vehicle to publish and sell Bad Religion records.

Flip is a fast and fiery anthem from Israeli punkers Not on Tour. With sticky sweet vocals courtesy of femme fuck-ya'all Sima Brami, and accompanied by treble-friendly guitars and drums at breakneck speeds, these guys are keeping the 90s punk sound relevant. Staying true to their skate punk roots, their 2015 whirlwind of an album, Bad Habits, doesn't contain a single song that clocks in over 2 minutes long.

Bass Drum of Death has been a mainstay of the lo-fi/garage punk movement since the earlier part of this millennium. Gritty and noisy, Crawling After You takes us through frontman John Barrett's journey of unrequited love, changing rapidly from hook to hook that seems to engulf the listener's entire bandwidth. Crawling After You was part of the band's 2013 eleven-song eponymous studio release.

Time to get moody with Aaron Bruno, the genius behind AWOLNATION. Run is the titular track from AWOLNATION's sophomore record, released in 2015 through Red Bull Records. This album marks a departure from the more party-fueled anthems from their first album, and takes a bit more dark and introspective turn.

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A trailblazer of 80s east coast hardcore, Gang Green made a name for themselves through irreverent and ragey songwriting and raucous live shows. Skate to Hell was a track off their debut full length, Another Wasted Night. This album also includes their infamous punk cover of Aimee Mann's 'Voices Carry' (ps go check it out if you haven't heard it before). Empowering young people fact - when the original line up formed in 1980, they were only 15 years old. Go get 'em, tigers!

Hope ya'all brought your dancing shoes for this next song, Tumbleweed. Part of the busy LA ska scene, Red Store Bums have been the leading cause of skanking-related injuries since forming in 2001. Back then there were only 3 members - they've since rounded it out to their current line-up of eight touring musicians.

T.V. Song is from Georgia peaches (not to be confused with the Moldy Peaches) Nana Grizol. A super group of indie sorts, Nana Grizol is helmed by Theo Hilton from the band Defiance, Ohio, and Laura Carter, of Neatural Milk Hotel fame. Like Theo's old group, Nana Grizol likes to experiment with non-traditional rock instruments...this time replacing the cello and double bass for an accompanying brass section. T.V. Song is off their latest album, Ursa Minor, which JUST dropped last week.

Is it obvious that Wyldlife are fans of 70s NYC glam punk (n roll), a la Ramones or Dictators? These dudes have been committed to doggedly, feverishly, enthusiastically encouraging crowds to party, through an effective use of sweet power chords and sing-alongable rock n roll anthems. Bruvs, Deadbeat was just released as part of their 2017 full-length release, Out on Your Block...go get yerself a copy now!

We're going to end the playlist today with a song from Battles, an experimental post-rock group out of New York City. Atlas, their hit track off debut studio album Mirrored, shows off the raw tribalism and atonal features of Battles' rhythm-heavy sound. Beyond producing trippy and fun-to-listen-to songs, this also serves as a great project for native Baltimorean John Stanier, previously of Helmet glory, to show off his drumming chops.

OK that's it. Good songs, good stories, good bands, good you, good me, bye.

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