Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Down n' Dirty w/ Gasoline Lollipops

Yoooo, happy Wednesday guys! Do you like potato phone quality interviews? Do you like the band Gasoline Lollipops? Well then, today you're in for quite a treat.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Clay Rose, lead man for folk punk/punk folk act Gasoline Lollipops, to talk musical influences, authenticity (or lack thereof) at large, and also to discuss the band's upcoming LP release and European tour.

One of the biggest drivers for me to make this podcast is to show (a very limited audience in) the world that the spirit of punk rock is much more pervasive than people realize. Punk is not just 80s hardcore bands in DC, or 90s west coast skate punk bands. Punk is certainly not just Blink fucking 182. The ideas, the passion, the anti-conformity, the community, the need to speak out against things we view as injust...these are not limited to, or contained within, a small smattering of bands that play at a certain tempo, or wear certain clothes, or cater to certain audiences...this shit is ALL OVER THE PLACE, and it's awesome. That is why I am very excited, and humbled, to have the chance to chat w/ Clay about HIS own brand of punk rock.

Beyond just talk, we're also sprinkling a bunch of Gasoline Lollipops songs, new and old, throughout...listen below!

Liner notes

Here is an 'intro to Gasoline Lollipops' playlist curated by the man, the myth, the legend, Clay Rose himself. I think pretty much all of these songs are included in the podcast above, so just listen to that, mmmmk?

This Bandcamp page is where you can listen to a SHIT TON of Gasoline Lollipops' discography.

Check out their website for more goodies, and to see where they may be playing near you -

I bid you a good day, sirs and ladies.

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