Friday, December 1, 2017

7 DAY TWEET @ TRUMP CHALLENGE...a chronology of futility (now w/ pictures!)

So I decided that I wanted Donny Trump to come on Wednesdays With Andrew for an interview, to discuss the correlations between the anarchy of sound that is punk rock to the unorthodoxy of a celebrity tv 'star' being president of these united states.

I set out on a journey that was destined to change the very fabric of this democracy, and came back..empty-handed. Motherfucker never responded! Ruuuuuuuude.

For those who couldn't/wouldn't/didn't follow along on twitter and facebook, below is the whole campaign in all its futile glory.

Day 1: innocuous request to hear from a real-life Herbert Camacho

Day 2: friendly reminder

Day 3: If anyone was gonna prefer Graves over Danzig, it'd be fucking Trump

Day 4: starting to get worried, why isn't he responding? curious to see which man he would fuck, and which he'd decide to spend the rest of his days with. also, hungry.

Day 5: come on, Rumpelstiltskin, PICK UP THE PHONE

Day 6: trying the 'brawn over brains' approach. based on picture above, unlikely he's very competitive in either regard

Day 7 of 7: this was all a ploy to build up ratings! He's got something special planned to announce his acceptance of the interview, i just know it

Follow along for your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish) rock here:


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