Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hoping for American Valhalla

Happy Wednesday, fraaaands, and welcome to the latest and greatest from Wednesdays With Andrew. This week we feature bands spanning 5 decades (!), from Dead Kennedys to Satanic Surfers and Ten Foot Pole and all the way to the new era of punk, being ushered in by the likes of Culture Abuse, Fat Heaven and Post Animal. 

So wut r u waitin for. Go listen, NOW:

Oh, and here's the SoundCloud link, for anyone who likes it like dat.

Liner notes:


  • 1Keasbey Nights by Catch 22
  • 2Amphetamines by Fat Heaven
  • 3Dream On by Culture Abuse
  • 4Let's Lynch the Landlord by Dead Kennedys
  • 5Special Moment by Post Animal
  • 6Gnarly Charlie by Ten Foot Pole
  • 7Equal Rights by Satanic Surfers
  • 8The Usurper by Satanic Surfers
  • 9Never Met the Gooch by Kid Dynamite
  • 10American Valhalla by Iggy Pop
For all of you looking for a sonic trip, go check out Post Animal's full repertoire, here.

And get fucking EXCITED for the newest music from Satanic Surfers. These two songs signal the first time in 13 years that these dudes have released new material! Mark your calendars....their album Back from Hell is slated to drop April 13th.

Go to to buy John Oliver's children's book about the White House's bunny, Marlon Bundo; this book is really just a big middle finger to Mike Pence. Best thing is that all proceeds go to The Trevor Project and AIDS United.

That's it. Catch you fools next week!

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