Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Hey there you mid-week punk rockers and moon stompers, and welcome to Wednesdays With Andrew. Well, except, I am not doing an episode today. SORRY, too much shit and not enough time in the day and all that.

I gift onto you instead, NOFX's notoriously long song/short album, The Decline. Listen to it 2 ways through, and that should about cover what you usually get, time-wise, from these silly little podcasts I do.

Pro tip - if you're ever hanging at a bar with one of those Touch Tunes music players, use your dollar wisely...just put on The bang for your buck, GUARANFUCKINGTEED. Added bonus is if the place is pretty crowded, this clears the room out pretty effectively most of the time.

Oh I'm all into CAPS now, by the way

Oh, also - for all my DC listeners, let me know if you're gonna be at the Black Star show on Friday @ The Anthem...I'll be there! Seems like an appropriate place to spend April 20.

Without further ado, The Decline by NOFX...

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