Wednesday, August 8, 2018

(Emily's) MOVING DAY!

Alright guys, I have some kinda viral infection, and it is a total fucking butt. So I did not have the chance to make this week's episode. BUT have you ever known me to leave you completely empty-handed? No. I would not do that to you...the power of punk (and punkish!) rock is strong in this one.

Just so happens I was reminded that a buddy of mine, Emily, is moving back to her place in Columbia Heights today, after recovering for reconstructive surgery on her knee...which essentially amounted to her being stuck on her parent's couch for like 3 whole months. I don't know how the hell she did it, as I am going stir crazy after 3 days w/ this stupid bug. Not how the Souls woulda wanted to spend their summer vacation at all.

SO, with that in mind, Emily, here is your moving day playlist. The #WWA version of a fucking Jock Jams CD. Just picture me yelling irritatingly enthusiastic slogans of support in between each song. 

"You got this!" 
"No the table is NOT supposed to break apart that way"
"Atta girl!"
"ouch that looked like it hurt"
"Is it time for pizza and beer yet?"

This is funny, cos i don't think she's actually moving anything per se, just going back home. 

Alright, enjoy the playlist punks, i'll (hopefully) be back in business for next week's episode

Here's the web player link, k.

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