Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Electric Messiah

Guys! I missed last week, so let's just cut to the chase. 

This week's episode of Wednesdays With Andrew is a roller coaster of emotion, flirting w/ a diverse range of musical amuse-bouches. We got Satanic Surfers. We got Ex Hex. We got High on Fire. We got Sublime, Circle Jerks, Husker Du, and so much more. 

Go listen, like, RIGHT NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for people trying to skew my podcast stats


  • 1Veteran by Ignite
  • 2Cosmic Cave by Ex Hex
  • 3Electric Messiah by High on Fire
  • 4Date Rape by Sublime
  • 5Hope by Sublime
  • 6Leave me alone by Circle Jerks
  • 7Something I learned today by Husker Du
  • 8Madhouse by Satanic Surfers
  • 9Orange Crunch by U.S. Bombs
  • 10New Pony by Bob Dylan

For all of you interested, here is The Dead Weather's cover of that tune, New Pony. It is also aaa niiiiiccceeee 

OH! And here is that Satanic Surfers' cover of Iron Maiden's Sanctuary. So good.

OK that's it, make sure to give the proper offering to your electric messiah, and come back next Wednesday for more punk (and punkish!) rock


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