Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Obligatory revisionist historical telling of a harvest celebration playlist

Hey guys, today is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so on this week's episode I totally poop on all your holiday cheer.

But I also give you a free business idea! You can makes 10s of dollars!

Featuring music from punk (and punkish!) stalwarts like Real Sickies, Kid Dynamite, Suicidal Tendencies, The Kills and more, this episode promises to get you through all of your Aunt Kathy's Breitbart conspiracy theories during thanksgiving dinner. So, uhh, go listen NOW yeah???

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for all you turkeys


  • 1Cyco Vision by Suicidal Tendencies
  • 2Am I Missing Something by Discount
  • 3Impossible Tracks by The Kills
  • 4Peace With Nothing by New Mexican Disaster Squad
  • 5Cursed Luck by Ducking Punches
  • 6It came from above by Real Sickies
  • 7I'm a Man by Ty Segall
  • 8According to my notes by LaGrecia
  • 93 O'Clock by Kid Dynamite
  • 10Ghetto Supastar by Pras, Ol' Dirty Bastard

I am thankful for KID DYNAMITE

Yo if you liked that Real Sickies song, go give them a more complete whirl on their Bandcamp page

Trust me, this is worth it.

Enjoy your turkey, your family and friends, your self-reflection. But don't enjoy the corn and oyster dish everyone knows that's bullshit.


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