Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Podcast Numero Uno!

Oooooooooo haaaaaiiiiiiii there! Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the latest installment of WWA.

Now guys, we are doing something a biiiiiit different today. Instead of the normal playlist/write-up format, we ARE DOING A FUCKING PODCAST. You read correctly. I am about to be in your head, like those ear wig things from Wrath of Khan.

Go listen, be merry, replenish the earth, something something something.  Checks it out here:

Now, for anyone who can't stand the sound of my voice, I got you covered too. You can just listen to the playlist on your platform of choice, here.

Tracklist below:

  • 1Black Sap Scripturesby Plague Vendor
  • 2God Save the Queenby Sex Pistols
  • 3Arduous Angelsby PEARS
  • 4Blood on your Tongueby Direct Hit!
  • 5Eat the Meekby NOFX
  • 6Cheap Shot Youth Anthemby Kid Dynamite
  • 7Business Papersby The Dopamines
  • 8I Hate Childrenby Adolescents
  • 9Whoreby FIDLAR
  • 10Mooshby Bigwig

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