Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It flows through our veins

Blessed be the fruit, dingbats. Welcome to the latest installment of #WednesdaysWithAndrew, your one-stop shop for all things punk (and punkish!) rock. Humbly dished out to your ears, in this post-net neutrality world of ours, in the slowest fucking lane possible.

Today is World Refugee Day, awareness for which is already peaking due to the recent inhumane policy enactments of our jabba-the-hut-lookin' president's administration. Keep those families in your thoughts today, and consider actions you may be able to take to help raise awareness or provide relief.

This week I reminisce on an unexpected encounter at a D-Plan show, kinda talk about dads, throw back an old, funny WoW video and OH YEAH play some incredible songs from bands like Misfits, Vision, Dismemberment Plan, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Childish Gambino, and more. Go check it out NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the web player link, yugh


  • 1Closed Minded by Vision
  • 2Tired of Sex by Weezer
  • 3Where eagles dare by Misfits
  • 4Turning into a monster by Fat Heaven
  • 5calling her name by Greedy Guts
  • 6Time Bomb by Dismemberment Plan
  • 7Porcelain End by New Mexican Disaster Squad
  • 8Rebellion Rises by Ziggy Marley
  • 9Baby jail by Dad Brains
  • 10Sweatpants by Childish Gambino

All my DC folks who want to help raise awareness on current refugee crises happening around the globe, including the travesty taking place here in the states, join the Sunset Run for Refugees TONIGHT. No need to pre-register, just show up and run (or slowly saunter) the 5K. 

For all those who missed it last week, here's the link to Dad Brains. If you are a dad or aspiring dad or not at all a dad, go give the EP a spin.

Oh, here's that Arthur theme song, courtesy of Ziggy Marley. You know you want to listen to it.

Here's that Weezer expanding brain meme I was talking about:

Image may contain: text

OH YEAH here's that funny WoW Serenity Now video, dig it.

"You faker than some Sweet'N Low"

Catch ya next week!


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