Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Voice inside my head

Welcome to the latest installment of #WednesdaysWithAndrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish) rock! I also make a mean bolognese, hit me up for the recipe.

This week I talk old London punk, play a (maybe surprising?) Epitaph-supported band, and ruminate on Drake.  Most importantly, I play some music from great bands like Direct Hit!, Capdown, Sebadoh, Teenage Bottlerocket, Pusha T, No Use for a Name and more. Oh, I also made a gif! and a meme! look at me go! Go, listen, NOW:

And for all you Golden Knight fans, the web player link.

Liner notes:


  • 1Mind Reader by Sebadoh
  • 2Cousin Cleotis by Capdown
  • 3Maverick by Teenage Bottlerocket
  • 4Salad Days by Minor Threat
  • 5Midnight in her eyes by The Black Keys
  • 6fields of agony by No Use for a Name
  • 7Satan says by Direct Hit!
  • 8ain't got a clue by The Lurkers
  • 9Quintencuple your money by Lawrence Arms
  • 10If you know you know by Pusha T

Here's the stupid meme I made, dig it DC:

Check out the reissue of Domesplitter (Direct Hit!) here.

And here's a link to The Get Gone, featuring some of the dudes from Capdown.

I guess this is pretty funny. 

Oh and here's that gif....GO CAPS, don't let this little girl down on Thursday:

Animated GIF


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