Wednesday, November 7, 2018

1,000th beer

Whether your candidate lost or won last night, you can still celebrate punk (and punkish!) rock and good old American beer.

This week's Wednesdays With Andrew features an eclectic grab bag of tunes courtesy of fantastic bands like Lifetime, Bigwig, The Clash, Joy Division, Rancid, Goober Patrol and more. 

We also drink some art from the beautifully deranged vision of Adroit Theory brewing. Drown out your post-election blues, or celebrate your small victories, NOW:

Liner notes:

  • 1Hyena by Rancid
  • 2Rodeo Clown by Lifetime
  • 3Heart a tact by Kid Dynamite
  • 41,000th beer by Goober Patrol
  • 5Shadowplay by Joy Division
  • 6Here in your bedroom by Goldfinger
  • 7Stand up by Bigwig
  • 8Janie Jones by The Clash
  • 9Can it be all so simple by Wu-Tang Clan

Ah and the old Spotify playlist link..

As a home brewer, I'd like to imagine that making beer is a form of art. And the clan at Adroit Theory definitely embodies that philosophy in everything they do. Incredible art, an engaging environment in their tap room, and knock-your-socks-off good ass beer. Thanks for the drinks guys, cheers!

'We're here 'cos my dad's written a porno' - trust me, this is worth a shot if you're into podcasts.

'I came for the music, stayed for the memes' - Goober Patrol!

And REMEMBER to buy your blasted tickets to the Counterpunch/Bigwig/Good Riddance..this Sunday (11/11) at Rock N Roll Hotel in DC.

I am out, catch ya next week!

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