Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Punk rawk explosion zine teen lyfe

Much like a deadbeat dad, I have abandoned you, my sweet, innocent #WWA children. I have left you hanging for the past couple weeks...but I am here today to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, it is time to man up and provide you your much needed punk (and punkish!) rock nourishment.

This week I take you on a stroll down (certainly not your) memory lane, highlighting some bands I discovered back in the day when I was really into this goofy ass French zine.

Whether it's a gothy drum machine-driven tune from Bérurier Noir, a street punk anthem courtesy of Les Sales Majestés, or some Rites of Spring-inspired melodic hardcore from DC's very own Trial By Fire, this playlist will have you Zidane headbuttin' all day long. So, get out your French/English dictionary, pour yourself a Kronenbourg 1664, and LISTEN NOW:

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link for those of you stuck in your middle and high school years


  • 1Je suis fou by Les Betteraves
  • 2J'ai perdu mes mains by Guerilla Poubelle
  • 3Dodgedart 69 by The Dontcares
  • 4El Vals del Obrero by Ska-P
  • 5The Story of Bonnie and Clyde by The Astro Zombies
  • 6Macron by Les Sales Majestes
  • 7Vivre Libre ou Mourir by Berurier Noir
  • 8Mort aux cons by Tagada Jones
  • 9To whom it may redeem by Trial by Fire
  • 10Jean-Pierre Ramone by Ludwig Von 88
  • 11Cynical Song by Tastes like chicken

I couldn't find any clips or images from the actual Punk Rawk Explosion zines, but I DID find some images of the cover art for the accompanying CDs:

Image result for punk rawk explosionImage result for punk rawk explosion

Image result for punk rawk explosion             Image result for punk rawk explosion


Here's that incredible album Ringing In the Dawn, courtesy of hometown DC melodic hardcore band Trial By Fire. Where are you?! Why didn't you make more awesome music????

Image result for liam neeson gif

Catch ya dopes later!

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