Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Spray painted walls

Happy Wednesday you goobers; hope you're good and ready to inject the latest fix of punk (and punkish!) rock straight into your earholes.

In stark contrast to last week's stroll through (Andrew's) memory lane, today's episode features lots of new tunes, including some bangers from Snuff, Mean Jeans and Agnostic Front, while still showcasing some timeless gems from bands like Deviates, Jay Reatard, Dag Nasty and more. 

So, put on your favorite knee high socks, crack open a fucking schlitz and let's get this party started:

Liner notes:

Here's the Spotify link ya dweebs


  • 1Basement Animal by Mean Jeans
  • 2We grew up by Deviates
  • 3Spray painted walls by Agnostic Front
  • 4Waiting for something by Jay Reatard
  • 5Wahoo by Meatbodies
  • 6Kings of the spanish oi scene by Snuff
  • 7Safe by Dag Nasty
  • 8Strong references by Drug Church
  • 9Turn it off by Culture Abuse
  • 10Truth hurts by Lizzo

Lots of new music on today's playlist, so make sure to give all the below a "spirl":
Mean Jeans - Gigantic Sike
Snuff - There's a lot of it about 
Agnostic Front! - Get Loud! (to be released in November)
Go be friends with Drug Church cos they make awesome, riffy, grungey, fun, magical music...oh and check to see if they're stopping near you on their upcoming tour w/ Thrice! 

paul rudd comedy GIF

OH and lastly, if you're local to DC, make sure to swing by Rock N Roll Hotel on October 1 to get your head blown off by Meatbodies and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets!


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