Wednesday, October 2, 2019

I paint a design

Wednesday. Punk (and punkish!) rock.  I think there's an audible fart on today's episode, so that's cool. 

Welcome to the latest episode guys. Today I talk 'cancel culture' (kinda), weird movies, and OH YEAH I spin a ton of awesome music, including tunes from Guttermouth, Satanic Surfers, Sheer Mag, The Flatliners and a whole lot more.

So, put it in your goddam ear canals, like NOW:

Liner notes:

I painted you a Spotify link guys


  • 1Arthead by Satanic Surfers
  • 2Weirdo by Rozwell Kid
  • 3Cold Sword by Sheer Mag
  • 41-2-3-4 by Guttermouth
  • 5Surf's up asshole by Guttermouth
  • 6Forkboy by Lard
  • 7Eulogy by The Flatliners
  • 8I paint a design by Michael Hurley
If you're a local yokel, join me this Saturday for Sheer Mag's Black Cat gig. It's gonna be fuuuuuunnnnnnnnxxxxZzzzzz

Holy shit OK so I played a tune by Lard (a first I think for WWA), and it was off The Last Temptation of Reid.  This is the same album that contains their nightmare version of Napoleon XIV's They're coming to take me away. If you haven't heard it, or if you have, check it out.

I'm out, namaste motherfuckers

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