Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Forget longevity, we’re just trying to get by

Good morning Wednesday warriors, and welcome to another episode of Wednesdays With Andrew. Boy, do I have some treats in store for you...just get into my nondescript white van and see! From the Misfits to Primus, from Swingin' Utters to PUP, from Jawbox to Dead Kennedys...we got you covered. So pour yourself a sippie cup of your favorite brew, turn the volume up to 11, and let's have some fun.

Here is the link to the web player:

And here are some knowledge knuggets and brain farts pertaining to this week's selection (to read along with the playlist, duh):

Post-Danzig Misfits is good too! Although Helena doesn't feature lead creep bag Glenn Danzig, this song is a rollicking fun time. This is off Famous Monsters, the second full length to feature new vocalist Michale Graves.

Hunx & His Punx provide the much needed bubblegum punk component to this week's playlist. You Think You're Tough is off their 2013 release, aptly titled Street Punk. In addition to his musical endeavors, Hunx (née Seth Bogart) owns and manages his own clothing line, Wacky Wacko, and used to run a hair salon in Oakland.

Bob's Party Time Lounge is a strange party dirge from the inexhaustibly creative mind of Les Claypool and his Prime Ass band. This track is off their 1997 Brown Album; although this album represents, to me, a dark period in Primus' career, where they weren't playing with one of the greatest drummers of all time (Tim Alexander), it's still one of their weirdest and most aggressive to date. DID YOU KNOW - beyond just being an incredible songwriter, dope bass player, producer, authorfilmographer and all around eccentric dude, Les Claypool also makes and sells his own wine.  You can buy bottles with Primus-ish names like Purple Pachyderm and Pink Platypus from Claypool Cellars.

Swingin' Utters have been playing loud, twangy street punk since the early 80s, and were one of the Bay Area bands to frequent Gilman during the heyday (weird...i always thought it was spelled Hay Day) of 90s punk renaissance. This was the title track for the Utters' 4th full-length record, and you may also recall hearing it on the Tony Hawk 2 soundtrack.

Phantoms is a spooky surf tune from San Diego band Mrs. Magician. If you dig this track, you'll probably also enjoy their latest single, You'll Fall in Love, which just dropped a few weeks ago. Go look it up and support them here!

Aahhh man, I couldn't even go one week without throwing in a cover. This time, I'm including Turning Japanese, originally written by one-hit wonder The Vapors, skankified and re-recorded by no-hit wonders Skankin' Pickle.  According to the song's author, and contrary to popular belief, this song is NOT about masturbation. Though Kirsten Dunst also did a music video cover of the song..SPLOOSH

Nazi punks, fuck off! 'Nuff said.

Say 'Yurf Rendenmein' out loud. See, it's not German! This song was off AFI's debut album, when their style favored more Reservoir Dogs and less South Park goth kid.

Canadian punk band PUP has been making waves since forming in 2013, building a grassroots following and garnering critical success. Reservoir was the first single off their debut album, originally released through Royal Mountain Records and with some financial support from the government of Canada...holy crap, that sentence is so fucking Canadian I want to hug someone.

I know that I play a lot of weird shit on these weekly playlists, but Isolate by Bender may be the most random song to date that I've featured. Following in the grand tradition of mediocrity that Milwaukee boasts (Pabst Blue Ribbon anyone?), Bender is just pretty OK.

I'll close out today's session with Mirrorful, a soulful piece of emo work written and performed by DC natives Jawbox. Jawbox was founded in the late 80s by J Robbins, after the demise of his old band Government Issue, one of the District's longest-standing punk fixtures.

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