Friday, January 6, 2017

SNEAK PREVIEW...You Bring This On by Generals of Monrovia

Hey people! Thank God It's Not Wednesday, amirite?  I am very excited to share a song off an upcoming release by pop punk renegades Generals of Monrovia.  Following the migratory patterns of their winged brethren, these Canucks (originally from British Columbia) struck out a new home base in Austin, TX, to flee the nightmare that is Canadian winter.

Generals of Monrovia’s new release, aptly titled Immigrant Punk, will be hitting the digital shelves February 17, 2017. As a follow up to the success of their debut 2015 EP, Immigrant Punk solidifies the Generals' commitment to hook-driven and melodically pounding punk rock.  You can listen to the first single off the album, You Bring This On, here:

Reminiscent of a 90s anthem you’d expect from a band like Face to Face or Bad Religion, You Bring This On goes beyond the simple 4-chord formula, providing substance and depth that drives us forward into a new age of pop punk.  Boisterously catchy, oozing hum-along melodies and layered harmonies, the track also denotes the heavier sounds these top brass rely on, through a thoughtfully forceful rhythm section.

Do yourself a favor, and go grab this album when it drops February 17. Stay frosty.

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