Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The punishment don't fit the crime

Happy Wednesday folks, and welcome to the latest episode of Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish!) rock. 

This week features some real sonic dynamite so let's get right down to it. With tunes from fantastic acts like Screw 32, Fury 66 (ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS BABY), All Them Witches, GBH, Beefeater, SNFU and more...what the hell are you waiting for, go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:

Spotify playlist


  • 1Catch 22 by Fury 66
  • 2Charlie Still Smirks by SNFU
  • 3 Pardon the Light by The Brokedowns
  • 4Birmingham Smiles by GBH
  • 5Heavy/Like a Witch by All Them Witches
  • 6If you don't die too soon by Among Criminals
  • 7Painless by Screw 32
  • 8Reagonomix by Beefeater
  • 9Creature by Lost in Society
  • 10Hate It or Love It by The Game, 50 Cent

Alright The Brokedowns. Good, soulful Chicago punk rock....whaddya think's the better song on their latest album: Pardon the Light, or Sick of Space?? I can't make up my mind...

Lost in Society is good, OK? Fun stuff...but man, Tillie is a creepy motherfucker...

OH! Here's the album link, as advertised, to GBH's latest album, Momentum



  1. My galPal JoH wants a t with the vintage kids at halloween graphic. Do you own the artwork? Does anyone make tees for you?

    1. haha unfortunately not, i am not at "i make t shirts" level quite yet. happy to provide you the file for the image though, if you'd like!