Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Up shit's creek with a turd for a paddle

Happy Wednesday, campers, and prepare to accept my weekly barrage of punk (and punkish!) rock.

This week I drank too much coffee, so it's especially rambly. I do bad math, talk about my new e-bike, and reflect on my front row seat to (what looked to be) an Uber robbery gone awry. 

OH shit I also play awesome music from bands like Good Riddance, Satanic Surfers, Rise Against, Adolescents, Teenage Bottlerocket and what are you waiting, go listen, NOW:

Liner notes:

Spotify playlist


  • 1My life inside your heart by Rise Against
  • 2Sunspot Screams by Adolescents
  • 3 OMG Rock N Roll by Kevin Morby
  • 4Necrocomicon by Teenage Bottlerocket
  • 5Associative Forces by Hit the Switch
  • 6Ummerica by Irascible Fuck Brigade
  • 7United Cigar by Good Riddance
  • 8These Chances by Cigar
  • 9Self-Medication by Satanic Surfers
  • 10Piss Up a Rope by Ween
Editor's note - I said on the episode that DC's Arboretum is around 20 acres...make that 400+ acres...whoopsies. I forgot to carry the 7, I guess.

If you dug Associative Forces, go check out Hit The Switch's latest record, Entropic, here

By the way, I think my new slogan for Wednesdays With Andrew is gonna be 'if you don't dig it...fuck off'

Alright, that's a wrap. Catch ya next week!

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